Dyson 360 Eye Review – Is this the Best Robot Vacuum Available?

Dyson 360 Eye ReviewMany People are saying that the Dyson 360 Eye is the best Vacuum cleaner available in the Market.  But is there any truth in this statement? Lets find out now. We will look at pros and cons of Dyson 360 Eye and give our verdict.So here is the Dyson 360 Eye Review.

Dyson has been working on development of a robot vacuum for over two decades. The Dyson 360 Eye is the result of all these efforts and testing. Let us make this straight that Dyson 360 Eye is very good at what it does i.e. cleaning and is very good Robot Vacuum overall but comes with a very high price tag but it offers numerous features and best performance. Its very powerful and can clean on all type of services. It is equipped with very good navigation functionality which enables it to navigate efficiently and comes with android and iOS app which is very easy to use.

Design of Dyson 360 Eye is small but it is still taller than most of its robot vacuum rivals. It is 4.72 Inch tall and is nearly 1 inch taller than WiFi enabled Roomba Vacuum. But in our testing we didn’t face much issue and it easily clean below furniture and other areas. Due to its height it sometime faces getting under sofas. In most of the Dyson 360 Eye review this is the main concern but you don’t have to worry as it is very flexible. due to its design The Dyson fits into tight spaces very easily while other robot vacuum can’t.

Unlike most Robot Vacuum which uses touch sensors and laser scanners, the Dyson 360 Eye uses a 360 degree camera and infrared scanners which can actually see all of its surroundings. This camera is on top of the Dyson 360 Eye which enables it to take 360 degree camera view. Because of this camera it got this name. In most Dyson 360 Eye review they have given 5 star to the camera performance which is in fact very good. Dyson 360 Eye doesnot need any cleaning brush bars unlike others. So this means it has compact size and is very helpful in cleaning tight spaces or along edges and border and it can clean almost all the areas.

Dyson 360 Eye comes has powerful digital V2 Motor with digital pulse technology which spins at 78000 revolutions per minute, which helps it to suck everything whether it is pet hair, fine dust, heavy debris in any surface like hardwood floors, wood floors, laminate floors, carpet etc. Now for technology Dyson 360 Eye Review it has the most advanced Radial Root Cyclone technology which allows it to suck every fine duct and dirt particles , microscopic dust particles and pet hairs like cat and dog hairs from all kind of surfaces.Most of the Robot Vacuum doesn’t uses full surface for suction but Dyson 360 Eye due to its unique design can provide suction across the whole width of its design. So due to its compact but larger suction areas it can clean a very large area under very less time compare to other robot vacuum. it has the smallest Radial Root Cyclone technology and can clean and suck even the minute articles like pollen and mold particles which are sometimes stuck very deep inside the carpet and regular robot vacuum cant suck it but Dyson 360 Eye can.

According to Dyson in its Dyson 360 Eye review It is the only robot vacuum cleaner available which can clean all type of surfaces whether it is carpet, hardwood floor, soft surface etc. Many of the Vacuum cleaners have wheels which can easily get stuck and has lot of friction which causes errors in their movement. The Dyson 360 eye doesn’t face this problem as it has tank tracks that enables it for continuous movement and can also overcome most of the obstacles very easily which makes it ideals for homes and offices with different types of flooring installed. It has very systematic movement and it travels in concentric squares which enables it to cover maximum floor areas. Its 45 minute run looks like a small time but due to its power ans superior navigation it is enough time for cleaning.

Dyson 360 Eye review and Verdict


  • Advanced Systematic cleaning pattern which covers Maximum flooring.
  • It can works on all type of surfaces.
  • Unique tank tacks.
  • Most advanced filtration system available.
  • small and compact.
  • unique 360 camera which helps it to navigate easily.
  • Small footprint


  • It is Taller than most of its competitors.
  • Very short battery life.
  • Its cost more compare to others

Should i buy Dyson 360 Eye

Dyson 360 Eye is one of the best robot vacuum available. It is an impressively intelligent cleaner and works on all type of floors. It cleans better than any robot vacuum out there. If it is in your budget then we can recommend to buy it.

Dyson 360 Eye Review – Is this the Best Robot Vacuum Available?
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