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7 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair: Complete Guide and Reviews

We know that your love for pets and the desire to ease household work to spend more time with pets have brought you here. Spending time with pets is great but it comes with the challenge of cleaning those shedded furs especially when you are in the middle of seasonal shedding.

But it is the time to have a sigh of relief as the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair is here to reduce weight from your shoulders. The advantage is that you just need to schedule it and sit comfortably with your furry friends watching your work done. 

 A top robot vacuum can identify between the pet hair and carpet fibers. The robot vacuum takes a tour of your home multiple times as per the schedule to sweep the furs and you just need to empty their filled dustbin.

Stay connected until the end to find out which among the best robot vacuum for pets fulfill all your requirements.

The buying guide to help you find the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair:

The main things that you must consider while looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair are navigation, powerful suction, and battery life. Obviously, the bigger the battery and longer the battery life, the better will be the cleansing.

Other factors to look for:

  • Suction power: the power is measured in terms of pascals(Pa), the metric unit of pressure. The higher the power, the better is the work done.
  • Navigation: there are two types of navigation 

Optical navigation: this system has a camera fitted at the top to decipher the objects by utilizing contrasts and landmarks.

Infrared navigation: the infrared sensors emit beams that are reflected back by the objects to give information about how far they are.

The best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair uses both the above. But the drawback of both of them is that optical navigation can’t work in a dark room and infrared navigation may skip a few surfaces or objects in the room.

  • Involuntary docking: when the battery dies, the automatic vacuum cleaner finds its way to the docks and charger easily. All models clear this test.  
  • Stair identification: all the good devices have the property of identifying the edge of the stair and turning around to avoid damage.
  • Virtual wall: a feature to create an invisible barrier to control your robot from entering certain open doorways or other areas of your home.
  • Noise amounts: top robot vacuum makes less noise than general vacuums. But a few vacuums make noisy whistled or mechanical grinding sounds.

This does not matter if you stay out of the house for work but these are noisy enough to scare your neighbors and pets.

  • Scheduler: using this feature you can schedule the cleaning time multiple times a day or week.

This feature is helpful when you have work shifts.

  • Webcams: some best buy robot vacuums have a camera installed in it similar to a security camera. Using this feature you can use an app to log in to this camera to have a look into your home when you are away. This is how you can check if a cat is spying on your home.
  • Remote control: if you want to direct the robot vacuum accordingly, you can change the automatic feature in the settings. 

But if the robot needs too much of the owner’s attention it is better to go for a general vacuum cleaner(an easier and affordable choice).    

Almost all robot vacuums have smart features installed through which they can directly connect to the dedicated apps. This can be used to know the general information of cleaning history, spot or manual cleaning, battery notifications, and access to pause or switch on-off the machine.

  • Mopping setting: only the top robot vacuums have this feature where you can add a small amount of water into the tank that is used to moisturize the microfiber pad connected to the vacuum’s base. 

But remember to use it only for light stains.

Remember to consider these points when you are looking for the best models.

Top 7 reviews of the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair

Before you take your final call, here is the tested robot vacuum review that will surely help you decide the best one.

1. irobot Roomba S9: the best buy robot vacuum for deep cleaning

After clearing many tests, this turns out to be the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair due to its excellent navigation, high suction power, and self-emptying ability. 

If you have a completely carpeted room, this irobot vacuum cleaner adjusts itself with both the low and high-pile carpets. The HEPA filter makes the surface allergen-free. 

The app with an easy to use interface allows you to schedule cleaning time for different areas and add virtual boundaries. You have the benefit of using it on any surface because it is highly adjustable to surface type and identify messes to focus the complete power to get the area sanitized.

irobot Roomba S9: the best buy robot vacuum for deep cleaning

You should be pleased to know that it has outstanding battery efficiency. Even if it is working at the highest suction power, the battery will continue working for 50 minutes before returning to the dock for recharging.    


  • Integration with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.
  • High suction power.
  • Powerful navigation.
  • Self-emptying dustbin.
  • Compatible with every type of carpet.  


  • Some parts need replacement over time like HEPA filters.
  • Expensive.
  • Noisy.
  • Need high maintenance.
  • Need debris removal through hand once or twice a month.

Verdict: if you have a completely carpeted home and ready to go with regular maintenance, go with this model as it provides versatility and high performance.

2. Neato Botvac D7 connected: best for easier maintenance

Being in the second position of the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hairis the result of its complete control using the no-go feature through a smartphone. With this feature, you can create boundaries for the robot to avoid entering certain sensitive areas like pet beds or bowls.

When you have floors covered with carpets, its large wheels and D-shaped designs allow it to climb the high-pile carpets and enhance the overall performance. The addition to it is the HEPA filter that ensures your home remains allergen-free. So have a sigh of relief if you have high chances of allergies.

You get the great advantage of long battery life that gives high cleaning time. If you are really hygienic then, for your convenience you get a cleaning tool to detach the shedded hair from the side brush of the vacuum. 


  • Perfect navigation quality.
  • Direct integration with a smartphone to create virtual boundaries.
  • Integration with Amazon Alexa, google assistant, and IFTTT is possible.
  • Interactive cleaning apps.


  • Less space in the dustbin.
  • Loud noise.
  • High priced.

Verdict: if you want ultimate performance on carpets at an affordable price with low maintenance, go for this robotic vacuum cleaner

3. Ecovac Deebot Ozmo 930: best for avoiding obstacles

When other devices allow you to schedule the cleaning time through a smartphone, this model works by just hearing your voice. This is why you can see this in the list of best robot vacuum cleaners for pet hair. 

You can always create virtual barriers to prevent it from entering certain areas or do the opposite of it. It provides an easy to use interface, by just swiping left you can select an area to be cleaned multiple times. This is how you can avoid the obstacles in high-traffic areas.

The best feature you get here is the latest mopping technology working without human intervention. The sensors monitoring the water flow, electronically controlled water pumps, control the flow of water to maintain consistency.

Ecovac Deebot Ozmo 930: best for avoiding obstacles

The extra benefit is the large battery life that is 110 minutes and automatic docking.


  • Compatible with Alexa and google assistant voice support.
  • Automatically identifies and avoids obstacles.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • App and voice control available.
  • Floor sensing technology available that let it get stuck rarely.


  • Expensive.
  • Mops using water instead of a mopping solution.
  • Mediocre learning curve.
  • The auto-empty station is available separately.

Verdict: if you have lots of obstacles at your home, definitely choose this one as it is best for avoiding obstacles and the best price for most of the features besides.

4. iRobot Roomba i7: Best for first-time robot vacuum buyers

The reason for standing in this list is that this irobot vacuum cleaner can empty itself and it was the first that this property came into existence.  This makes it easier to handle if you are a first-time robot vacuum buyer. 

The discharge is suctioned out of the bin into a sealed bag. A sealable bag ensures that you do not have to touch, see, or smell the discharge. This is really a utilizable function when you are prone to allergies or your skin is sensitive.

The other great feature is that using virtual maps you can track the cleaning cycle even when you are away from home. You can even choose to keep it away from a few individual rooms or areas like pet beds and litter boxes. 

If the battery dies you can watch it recharging itself and continuing the work. With all the required features, now you know why it is on the list of the best robot vacuum cleaners for pet hair. 


  • Compatible with google assistant and Alexa.
  • Good optical navigation.
  • Self-emptying vacuum.
  • Involuntary room identification.
  • Multistory mapping.


  • Undesirable noise.
  • Expensive.
  • The cleaning base is bulky.

Verdict: you may find it a bit expensive but every penny is worth spending as the features it offers are large enough with excellent performance.

5. EUFY Robovac 11S: best robot vacuum for pet hair on hardwood floors

If you are looking for a budget-friendly best robot vacuum for pets then this is a great option for you. It comes with a remote control so you always have control over it. But the companion app is unavailable, so it is good for those who don’t have a reliable internet connection.

It is good for low-lying furniture where you can always find remains of pet hair. Its compact design makes it easier to enter such places. The battery life is undoubtedly great as it can work for 2 hours continuously when used at the lowest suction power.

The good news for your pets and neighbors is that it operates without making much noise so it is pet-friendly. It provides you value for money at an affordable rate as well as high performance which makes it stand in the list of best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair.


  • Affordable rates.
  • Compact size.
  • Less noise.
  • Awesome battery life.
  • High cleaning efficiency.


  • No companion apps.
  • No virtual walls can be created to prevent entering it from certain areas.
  • Unable to clean high-pile carpets.
  • More maintenance is required.

Verdict: if you are looking for a robot vacuum that can work best on bare floors at an affordable price with a great overall performance, consider this model.

6. Roborock E4: Best budget robot vacuum

This is by far the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair in the budget section. Its self-adjusting suction power helps you to use it on any surface of either bare floor or densely packed carpet.

If your pet is heavily shedding there are more chances of spreading allergy. But thanks to the HEPA filter which makes the surface allergen-free. You will be satisfied with its battery life which is under 2 hours if this robot vacuum cleaner is used at its highest suction power. The value can also grow to 3 hours if it is used conservatively.

The only fallback you can experience is that due to the lack of a LIDAR navigation system, you can’t schedule a time for cleaning or creating virtual walls and it has less power to avoid obstacles. 

But the companion app can make it easier to keep an eye on cleaning status. Some parts need to be replaced regularly which adds to cost.


  • Excellent work on bare floors.
  • Ultimate battery life.
  • Well built.
  • Compact size and lightweight increases maneuverability.


  • Absence of the LIDAR system.
  • High demanding maintenance.
  • Many recurring costs.
  • Struggles with all types of debris.

Verdict: if you don’t use carpets at home, it is a good choice for you because of its outstanding performance on bare floors. It has overall good performance.

7. Proscenic M7 pro: best for mopping small spaces

You can use it comfortably on both the carpeted and bare floors due to its good suction power. The advantage you get is the HEPA filter that keeps your room allergen-free. It offers awesome vacuum power and other salient features at an affordable price.

Something that makes it different from all other automatic vacuum cleaners is that it offers both remote control and app control. So you can use it when you are out of the house or when your internet connection is not stable. 

The companion app allows you to set virtual boundaries, schedule cleaning time, and set specific areas to clean. When talking about the basic mopping setting, it is best for small spaces due to the low capacity of the water tank, the main feature for being in the list of best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair. But remember that it does not exempt carpet while mopping.


  • Good suction power.
  • Mopping facility available.
  • Compatible with Alexa voice controls.
  • Companion app control.


  • Small water tank.
  • Automatic dust controller sold separately.
  • Doesn’t leave the carpet while mopping.


You can go for this one if you need all the features at an affordable price. A few are mediocre features and others that beat other models. But still, you get all of them.

These recommendations of the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair is based on price, availability, and feedback. Be free to purchase any of them because these won’t disappoint you.

Robotic vacuum cleaner VS Regular vacuum cleaner:

To clear your thoughts of “why” and “why-not” of choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner over the regular vacuum, here are some pros and cons of the former to give you a clear look:


  • Set cleaning schedules: your floor remains clean without any human interaction by just setting cleaning time, area, and virtual barriers.
  • Spot cleaning: if you have a cluttering home, there must be obstacles all around. Using the spot cleaning mode, you can choose to leave a certain area for cleaning to avoid obstacles.
  • Reach under furniture: I know you still have dust accumulated under your sofa if you are using a regular vacuum. This issue is solved by the robotic vacuum cleaner because of their reach under the furniture.
  • Mopping: you don’t get absolute perfect mopping through robot vacuums but something is always better than nothing.


  • Declutter some areas: there are things like small objects that can be stuck in the robot vacuum as well as in a regular vacuum. But the objects can be removed in case of the latter but not the former.
  • The device can be stuck: some robot is smaller and some taller. When a regular vacuum cannot enter the wedges, a robotic vacuum can enter it and get stuck. In some cases, it may even break.
  • Can’t find a way back to dock: all the robots are supposed to find their way to dock when the battery runs out. But sometimes they lose their way if the battery is drained quickly.
  • Emptying regularly: the size of the robotic vacuum cleaner is smaller to make it enter small places and prevent the battery from draining. But this also makes the bin smaller than regular vacuums, so frequent emptying is necessary.
  • Noise: the robot vacuums make more noise because the motor exerts more pressure to increase the suction power.

Automatic vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors vs carpeted floor:

All the robots we have tested work best on hardwood floors though not always in the corners and edges. 

But even the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair struggles with dirt and debris on the carpet floor. Despite having excellent navigation, sensors to detect dirt, and an obstacle avoidance system, it does not clean the carpet entirely though it looks clean. 

Here is the performance chart on various surfaces:

Performance testing on surfacesAverageVariation
Hardfloor    86%   30-99%   
carpet dirt and debris   40%13-71%
Pet hair removal   51%    10-81%
Corners and edges61%   30-80%

Are automatic vacuum cleaners worth spending money on?

We don’t suggest a robotic vacuum cleaner as the replacement for a regular vacuum cleaner. You will always need a regular vacuum cleaner, especially for carpeted floors. If you have a high-piled carpet, the robot may find it hard to climb there and get stuck.

Robot vacuums can be considered good for:

  • Floor maintainers in between manual sanitization.
  • Hardwood and bare floors, or medium carpet. 
  • When you are away from home but need cleaning for guests.
  • Scheduling using the companion app saves both time and energy.

This is a good investment if you need little debris cleaning every day. But you will  always need a regular vacuum cleaner. This is costly enough ranging from $200-$1000, so you wait until it is in your budget. 

Summary of best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair in the following categories:


Before taking a final call to action, look at what you need and check from the above list of best robot vacuum cleaners for pet hair which model fulfills your requirements. 

One thing is for sure that none of the models will disappoint you in terms of features. Your money is not wasted but invested and you get good cleaning returns.

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